I run a private practice in NYC, formerly an on-site therapist at Google.  I earned my degrees and training at UC Berkeley and Columbia University, with post-graduate certification from the Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy in NYC.  


In addition to my blog, I’m a contributing writer at TIME and Business Insider, as well as an editor-at-large for Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global. I also regularly contribute as an emotional health expert to a wide variety of popular publications.



I love getting people thinking about the ways they've been thinking. I give talks and lead discussions at universities, companies, wellness retreats, etc.  When communities are engaged in prioritizing their emotional wellness, everything runs better. 

"Talking to a brick wall completely transformed my life"
- said no one ever.


I don’t believe in practicing from a distance, I bring my real self into the room in an accessible and open way.  I’m wholeheartedly invested in the people I work with and believe therapy works best when it’s a collaborative process.  Ultimately, you just want a therapist who gets it, and I get that.  The heart of my philosophy is reflected in my ten tenets, if you’re interested.


I work with people who can present really well, seem completely put together when they want to be, and whose problems are not immediately apparent to others. 


Because being this stressed is bad for your complexion

 (it's also profoundly unnecessary)

Because Around Here, Inclusivity Is Chic