What Success Looks Like

This week's Sound Track Sunday is a video (of the baby squirrel persuasion) created by the talented and ever-kind Aldrin Gamos, from a little town called Los Angeles. I dare you not to fall in love with this video and sweet message to match.

The video perfectly depicts what success actually looks like, which is basically:

  • failing a bunch of times before you get it right
  • accepting help
  • taking breaks because it's stressful
  • being scared
  • finally enjoying the fruits of your labor

The song on the video is incredibly well chosen, too: Bruises, by Chairlift.  Enjoy!  (Oh, and if you want to know more about what Sound Track Sunday is, just read below.  If not, scroll down to the capital C Cute video.)

Each week on the blog, I take reader's submissions of new music they love and old songs they continually return to.  Why? Because music is a highly under-utilized self-soothing tool, not to mention an unexpectedly perfect marker for our personal growth.

Representative of  hundreds of little seasons of the heart, the songs we connect with help us track time and realize the changes that are happening in our lives.  As we shift and grow more fully into ourselves, letting go of what we need to let go of and reaching for what we've discovered matters most, sometimes we just need some new music to usher in the change.



If you love music and have a song you'd like to submit, I'd love to put it up!  Please email your song choice to me with CONTRIBUTOR in the subject line.  Thanks!