The Bored Workout

Ah, working out. Yes, it's good for you.

Of course, it boosts your mood.

Sure, it ironically gives you more energy.

But ya know what else?  Sometimes working out is just the worst.

For those blah workouts, you need a little something extra.  Thankfully, there's a song for that.

This week's Sound Track Sunday is: "Habits (Stay High) (Hippie Sabotage Remix)" by Tove Lo.

Wanna know more about Sound Track Sunday?

Each week on the blog, I take reader's submissions of new music they love and old songs they continually return to.  Why? Because music is a highly under-utilized self-soothing tool, not to mention an unexpectedly perfect marker for our personal growth.

Representative of  hundreds of little seasons of the heart, the songs we connect with help us track time and realize the changes that are happening in our lives.  As we shift and grow more fully into ourselves, letting go of what we need to let go of and reaching for what we've discovered matters most, sometimes we just need some new music to usher in the change.

Don't you agree?  If so, send me your song!  I'm basically in constant need of new music, and so are the lovely readers of this lil blog of mine, so thanks in advance!