Oxfam Makes Giving Easier Than Ordering Your Favorite Dumplings On Seamless

Convenience is a shockingly huge factor in all kinds of decision making, and giving is no exception. In addition to convenience, knowing that the utility of our time and/or money is being maximized also helps us feel assured that we're making a positive impact, subsequently increasing our motivation to give.

Enter Oxfam.

In exactly 4 clicks, you can buy a starter flock of chickens for a rural household, help train a midwife, or irrigate a farmers land for two months.

What's more, each donation comes with the option to have a card and personalized message sent to whomever you choose.

For all you over-achiever-do-gooders, you can even opt to have an e-card sent and save paper.

Lets Review:

Do something good for the world. --- CHECK.

Send a thoughtful note and brighten the day of that one family member you've been meaning to show a little more love to. --- CHECK.

Potentially save trees and help the environment --- POTENTIAL CHECK.

Feel really good about yourself because you're so big-hearted and helpful.  ---   CHECK. CHECK. CHECK.


Do you know of a great organization that's easy to give to?  Send me the info. so I can spread the word!