It Happens Every Day

Music is a highly under-utilized self-soothing tool, not to mention an unexpectedly perfect marker for our personal growth. Representative of  hundreds of little seasons of the heart, the songs we connect with help us track time and realize the changes that are happening in our lives.

This week's Sound Track Sunday is, "Thunder Clatter," from the Nashville-based indie quintet, Wild Cub.  Not only is this an amazing song, but I had to include the charming lyric video that goes along with it as a special treat.  The video is full of a Margaret Durow's beautiful, honest, incredibly emotionally accessible photography---it is perfection.

Thunder Clatter is the perfect song for a certain inexplicable phenomenon that happens every day:

You're single, really happy and in a great routine.  You've hit your personal stride and you're just not looking to get involved in anything serious, relationship-wise.  Then, on an average day like any other, something different happens.  You meet someone.  This someone seems cool, different.  You decide to go on a few dates with this person, you think to yourself, "Why not, it'll be fun!"

It is fun, and it's so many other wonderful things, too.

Before you even realize what's happened, your life has indelibly changed in the best way.  You're in love, you found your person, and the curtains close and open all at once.  ***

I love playing with music, and if you do too, please consider sharing a song that's the perfect soundtrack for (you tell me).  The situation you soundtrack doesn't have to be a real event that happened or have anything to do with what you're personally going through.  The point of Sound Track Sunday is to emphasize and celebrate music's ability to capture the nuance of any moment in time.  I have a penchant for the ostensibly tiny, more subtle moments in time-- the ones that are often experienced privately and go by without much fanfare, but retroactively gain special meaning.  I like assigning songs to those little, imagined, nuanced moments.  Do you ever do that?  Share it!