Brand New Easy Way to Give Alert!

We've already talked about how convenience is a massive factor in whether or not people donate time, energy and money to causes they care about.  We've also discussed the simple mechanics of how giving makes you happy--so now we can get right to asking the cutting-edge questions: Is there anything better than baggy, soft tee shirts?

Yes!  Baggy* soft tee shirts that generate 100% of profits for 5 kids' community centers in the US.  Big thanks to NYC's Mike Shulman for sharing this great new company that launched just this week.   Holiday shopping anyone?...

From MAD OVER YOU's website:  

MAD OVER YOU explores fashion's potential to reach beyond clothes to our communities --  MAD OVER YOU connects.

Beginning with five charities that are working to make a difference in the lives of children, Mad Over You will work closely with each organization to raise money via t-shirt sales for an ongoing project that will benefit their community center.

Our tees are not only designed by us, but we've also chosen designs created by kids from each of the community centers.

Mad Over You donates 100% of the profits from each tee to our partnering community centers. Each Mad Over You tee purchased comes printed with a tracking number and QR code; wearers will be able to go to to see how and why their purchase made a difference, to interact with the organization, learn more about its mission and opt to donate more.

We will be working with the following community centers:

Mad Over You will not only provide funds to support and help to increase awareness, but the organizations will also receive free, custom tees that they can use to increase exposure and funding toward their goals.

*You don't have to get a baggy shirt --- MAD OVER YOU carries tees in all sizes --- I just like baggy tee shirts.

Do you know of a charity or a cause that's easy to get involved with and contribute to?  Please consider sharing it with me here.