Opposites Attract: Sustainability + Electronica

Spending a bunch of time on Soundcloud discovering new music and rediscovering old favorites might not seem like the most important use of your time. There are certainly easy ways to rationalize why you shouldn't be 'wasting so much energy' focusing on something that doesn't contribute to your professional upward mobility and doesn't garner any immediate, quantifiable result.  For example, cleaning gives you a clean apartment and working out improves your physical health,  so we see them as productive activities.  Accordingly, we prioritize those activities over less clearly 'useful' activities.

Less often, however, do we see activities that boost our emotional health as productive.

Despite the overwhelming research which indicates that when you make time for the stuff you love, you accomplish more and not less, people still deny themselves happiness in the name of productivity on a daily basis.

Not Alden Wicker!

Alden is a New York City based freelance journalist and the Editor in Chief of the lovely and well-informed Ecocult.com -- "A curious, provocative, utterly enthusiastic view in the NYC sustainability scene."  In addition to her love for all things green and beautiful, Alden loves....electronica (?)

What do sustainable living and electronica have to do with one another?

Nothing, except that Alden loves them both.

Alden devotes a great amount of energy to the electronica scene, not because it's her job or because she gets paid for it, but simply because she loves it.  As I learned from the very first Saturday Creative contributor, anytime you engage in something you truly love, you're tapping into the same powerful energy that fuels creativity.

So how does someone so busy find time to create playlists she loves and occasionally dance 'til dawn to electronic music? Her strategy for finding time to feed your creative impulse is simple: Work on whatever you're passionate about while no one else is working.

In Alden's words, "It really is a powerful strategy to get things done--working when no one else is working. Either that means getting up at 5 am on a weekday, or staying in to work when everyone is drinking. It forces you to focus, because all you have is what is right in front of you.  There's no email coming in, no competing demands, no guilt about not getting the other 'more important' stuff done."

Today, Alden shares her top picks on Soundcloud as well as a brilliantly curated Spotify Playlist: 2014 Perfect Pool Party Playlist to stave off the winter blues.

Thanks so much for contributing and sharing what you love, Alden!

There are few things I love more than seeing the way people channel their own unique creativity  --  do you have a creative way of cooking something, styling something, writing, painting, getting your kids to brush their teeth?...There are endless ways to be creative, and the world is unequivocally a better place when those gifts are shared.  If you'd like to contribute to The Saturday Creative, I would be so so happy!  AND you'd be making the world a better place (no pressure).