A Doctor Who Paints

The Saturday Creative is all about featuring busy professionals who honor their creative impulses and passions outside of their more conventional careers.  This week's contribution is a painting that comes from Dr. Lisa Markman, a top-rated endocrinologist practicing in NYC. It's hard to know that you love something (like, really love it) and reconcile the fact that your day job isn't directly or even indirectly related to that very special something.  There's a lot of pressure to abandon a more predictable professional trajectory in pursuit of a career that reflects your individuality. (If you're a millennial, go ahead and multiply that pressure 25 fold).

Despite popular opinion, monetizing your gifts is not a requisite for honoring them. Your job doesn't have to be the main source of your personal fulfillment -- it's really not for a lot of people.

A great career empowers you to create opportunities to truly enjoy the people, interests, travels and creative pursuits that make you happy. Sometimes that looks like a more conventional job where you're not necessarily 'inspired' every second.

Each Saturday, I invite people to share how they exercise their creativity in a way that works with their lifestyle.

I also ask each contributor how they find time in their busy lives to engage in creativity.  What I love about Lisa's strategy is that she finds time to make creativity part of her work, so that she doesn't have to choose between the two.  In her own words:

While working as a physician I'm always taking care of others, and when I was younger more often to the detriment of my own health, so part of what I try to do now is make time to integrate creativity and the arts into my work.  I volunteer as the house doctor at Lincoln center and get to watch ballet and other dance/opera performances.  I feel like I'm being creative through the artists I'm watching.  

Lisa also paints and bakes to unwind (amazing much?) Below is the beautiful piece Lisa submitted, who knew endocrinologists could be so artistic?

artist lisa markman

There are few things I love more than seeing the way people channel their own unique creativity  —  do you have a creative way of cooking something, styling something, writing, painting, getting your kids to brush their teeth? There are endless ways to be creative, and the world is unequivocally a better place when those gifts are shared.  If you’d like to contribute to The Saturday Creative, connect with me and let me know what your secret talent is.