10 Everyday Luxuries You Forgot You Love

If you don't notice something, it's as if it doesn't exist. If you don't notice the luxury woven all throughout your life, it's truly not there. For that reason, we all carry different realities about the ways in which our lives are full or empty.

We take for granted the convenience and immense comfort certain items bring to our everyday lives simply because they're always there.  Ironically, when something is always available for us to notice, it becomes integrated into the background of our lives and often goes unnoticed.  Inviting the luxuries of the everyday into the forefront of your mind boosts your gratitude and strengthens your perspective.   Why does either matter?  

Because if you can't even appreciate what you already have, how could you ever be happy with more?  

Here are 10 everyday items that you can invite yourself to rediscover, appreciate and feel lucky about, if you can think of more, help others connect to their gratitude by writing them in the comments section:

1. Steaming hot water poured over special beans or leaves that have been specifically curated to help you feel awake or soothed (depending on your preference for the moment, of course).  Especially in the morning and in the bitterly cold winter months, is anything better than that first sip of coffee or tea?  A hot drink in the morning.

2. Taking a shower and being able to get clean whenever you want is nice, but when the water hits you at a controlled temperature and just the right pressure, it feels like a cleanse and a hot massage all at once.  Great shower pressure.

3. Long day at work?  It's okay.  Just sit down and push some colored buttons.  Hundreds of shows designed to entertain you will appear and, without getting up, you can change the type of entertainment, control the volume or pause the entertainment as you please.  Your remote control.

4. A protective coating exclusively for your lips, this soothing balm keeps them soft, healthy and bright.  The lip balm in your bag.

5. It's pouring and slushy outside, impossible to step without wetting your foot.  Water (sometimes dirty street water) seeps up your clothes and makes your feet feel like two loaves of soggy bread.  Unless, of course,  you've somehow found some completely magical water resistant material and fashioned it all around your feet and calves.  In that case, you stay dry and comfortable all day long.  Really great rain boots.

6. An intoxicating, foreign and darling scent that you dispense as a soft mist onto the side of your neck or the most delicate parts of your wrists, inviting others to enjoy your presence that much more.  Your perfume.

7. Sparkling gemstones and solid band adornments for your fingers, impossibly thin strings of gold resting weightlessly on your collar-bone, cheerfully clinking bangles that chant on your wrists with each movement and a myriad of delicate configurations that drip beautifully off your ears.  Most of these body ornamentations subtly reflect light around you all throughout the day, some are even said to contain special healing properties.  Take them off and you feel bare, "naked." Put them back on and feel the luxury of them.  Your jewelry.

8. This special white plant grows little cloud-like blossoms and has been carefully spun into soft, breathable threads just for you.  Your favorite cotton t-shirt.  

9. An infinite library of books, movies, knowledge and connection to the people and places that you love.  The elegant machine you're reading this post on is the culmination of millions of brilliant minds coming together, so that your life can be more enriched, entertaining, edifying and democratized.  Your phone and computer.

10. Put your dirty clothes in this box, press a button, and they'll come out perfectly clean.  Put them in another box and they'll be dry in thirty short minutes.  #Jetsons.  Your washer and dryer.

Do you know what else is so incredibly convenient?  That you can spread some gratitude and share this post with the hundreds of people in your world - all with the push of a button.