THERAPY WORKS BEST when it’s a collaborative process, thriving on the mutual trust and respect between therapist and client. I don’t believe in practicing from a distance — I bring my real self into the room in an accessible and open way.

With an emphasis on inclusivity, anyone that comes through my door can expect me to be warm, honest, supportive and direct.

 I don’t practice in the same way with everyone simply because everyone’s different.  My training at UC Berkeley and Columbia gave me a deep understanding of all the major modalities, but instead of picking one and ‘therapizing’ in a rote way, I individualize the work to fit the person.  With a bigger picture perspective, my focus is on efficacy.

I have a real love for the special nature of this work and I strive to maintain the most engaging, effective and ethically sound practice possible.

Below are ten tenets I’ve developed and use to help guide my practice: