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Breaking a Bad Habit

There's a hole in my sidewalk

A good mini-read for when you're feeling particularly stuck

We all get in our own way sometimes.  This post is about how to get out of our own way. Portia Nelson was

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‘The Usefulness of a Pot’


How to become more fulfilled

Unless you’re either still emo or a superbeing, emptiness does not feel good.   In an oh-so-ironic twist, however, feeling empty can actually be a surprisingly fulfilling experience.  In fact, if you’re feeling empty it just might be the best thing ever.

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How To Interpret Your Own Dreams

how to interpret your own dreams

It’s hard to deny the complete phenomenon that is dreaming.  Your body and brain are in such an utterly unique state when you dream.  Once you hit REM sleep, your brain paralyzes all your muscles except the ones in your eyes.  Your frontal cortex (the linear, logical part of your brain) is essentially switched off.

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The 4 Most Important Questions Your Partner Will Never Ask You

couple in love

There are four questions that we’re all unconsciously asking the people we love all the time. The four questions rarely get asked with words, just as they’re rarely answered with words. They’re almost always silent questions. When the silent answer to each of the four silent questions is a definitive YES, the love in the relationship

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Meditation for the Non-Yogi


The point of meditating is to gain access to the present moment, because people feel more alive when they’re present.  Despite popular opinion, you don’t have to sit still to meditate.  People meditate and enter the present moment in their own ways.  There are so many people, for example, who care very deeply about strengthening

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The Psychology of Your Future Self

the psychology of your future self

Today’s post is an invitation to view the Ted talk below, by happiness expert Daniel Gilbert.  In it, Gilbert answers a very good question: Why do we make decisions that our future selves so often regret? What I took away from the talk is that we’re all capable of a great deal of change, at any

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How We Get Productivity Wrong

artist at work

By Not Focusing On Enjoyment and Breaks, We Sabotage Our Productivity

We do a lot of things that make us unhappy, all in the name of being more productive.  Look, I made a list:

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Procrastinating Vs. Maximizing


The word ‘procrastinator’ is my version of Sandberg’s ‘bossy.’  I don’t like that word when it’s used to describe driven, focused, ambitious people. I notice that a lot of high-achievers call themselves procrastinators when they thrive at performing closer to a deadline, churning out high-quality work in lightening speed.  The label wouldn’t be that big

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4 Relationship Lessons We Can ALL Learn From Power Couples

ellen and portia

Guest Post by Lori Gottlieb

As a couples therapist in Los Angeles, I see a lot of people who work in the entertainment industry.  From the outside, they’re considered “power couples” – both partners have successful and glamorous-sounding careers – but often they face the same challenges that any busy, modern couple typically does (kids, sex, time, windows opened or

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Which One of These 4 Attachment Styles Are You?


Ever wonder why you always seem to be the one who’s more clingy in relationships, or why you kill a connection off early if someone doesn’t demonstrate excessively reassuring signals to you?  In yet another thing to blame your parents for discover about yourself, there are four main attachment styles in adult relationships. Attachment theory