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3 Tips To Make Your Resolutions Stick


Blame it on watching Oprah religiously for the past 20 plus years (still obsessed, just FYI), but I’m kind of over the expression “live your best life.”  The thing is, I’m also a total and complete sucker for that special, singular, positive momentum that only the new year can usher in. While some people like

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Postpartum Depression

postpartum depression

What to do

A friend of mine sent a big email out right after she had a baby, which included all of the warm, sweet, infinity-love kind of stuff that you say in an email you send right after you have a baby. Also in the email? The best description I’ve ever heard of what it’s like to

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Get support when you need to talk

I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is no.  But I’ll get to that in a second, first I want to tell you a little story. Once upon a time in a far away land called the early 90’s, there was no internet and no Netflix, and when people felt like expletive they actually

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Top 10 Mark Nepo Quotes

healing stone

It’s hard to put Mark Nepo in a box, but then again that’s true for anyone.  Among a myriad of other attributes, Mark is a poet, philosopher, teacher and New York Times bestselling author.  If you like the quotes below, you’ll probably fall in love with his most recent book.  I keep a copy of

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The 16 Best Drug Store Buys for Self-Care


Change your whole day for under 10 bucks

Self-care isn’t as easy as it seems.  If you’re someone who spends all day fielding demands from every direction, it can be hard to redirect some of your precious time and energy exclusively to yourself. Adding to the difficulty of finding time to engage in self-care is finding the motivation. We woefully underestimate the difference that

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4 Mantras to Deal with Awkward & Stressful Holiday Moments

thanksgiving stress

Do you ever just wish you could be in one of those Cameron Diaz-esque holiday movies, where things are “really bad” (even though they’re by all accounts amazing) so you get into empowered mode, go on some grand adventure house-swap thing, fall in love, and by then end you magically connect meaningfully with everyone who’s

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What Success Looks Like


(hint: it involves multiple failures)

This week’s Sound Track Sunday is a video (of the baby squirrel persuasion) created by the talented and ever-kind Aldrin Gamos, from a little town called Los Angeles. I dare you not to fall in love with this video and sweet message to match. The video perfectly depicts what success actually looks like, which is basically: failing

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Declutter Like a BOSS


Best Excerpts from Marie Kondo's book, "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up"

I’m pretty sure my lack of sentimentality when I’m in ‘declutter mode’ freaks my very sweet and sentimental husband out sometimes. I love getting rid of things, letting go, and keeping it fresh.  I definitely didn’t think I needed a tutorial on decluttering. But like all the best things that have come into my life, Marie

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Smiling Depression: What It Is, What To Do

smiling depression

photo cred: popsugar.com It’s a familiar lesson on what depression looks like that we learn from every rom-com we’ve ever watched.  Depression means: Sitting on the sofa or curled up in bed Hagen Daaz ‘carmel cone mixed with salty tears’ flavor faithfully at hand Bummy clothes you’d never let anyone but the seamless delivery guy