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Tuning In: 3 Simple Ways Music Can Improve Your Mental Health

katherine schafler music

Guest Post by Maya Benattar

As we move through our often busy lives, music is all around us. There is rhythm in a crowd crossing a busy street or a yoga class moving through a Sun Salutation, melody in the cacophony of taxi horns or a gentle bird song. We hear music in stores, in subways, and when on hold

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The 6 Family Roles In Addiction


When addiction happens, it happens to the whole family.  When we hear the word, “addict,” we basically think of a ‘junkie.’  But addiction comes in a myriad of forms.  Whether the addiction is to food, alcohol, heroine, marijuana, chaos (etc.), whether the addiction is loud or quiet, whether the addiction is visible to the public

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Personal Boundaries 101

Chihuaha Boundaries

Part 1: Decide what your boundaries are

No matter who you are, you cannot have a healthy relationship without having boundaries.  Since we all engage in so many different relationships (marriages, parent/child, friends, colleagues, in-laws, boyfriends, girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, etc.), we need all kinds of boundaries. The purpose of having boundaries is to protect and take care of yourself.  You teach people

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10 Everyday Luxuries You Forgot You Love


Uncovering the abundance of your everyday life

If you don’t notice something, it’s as if it doesn’t exist. If you don’t notice the luxury woven all throughout your life, it’s truly not there. For that reason, we all carry different realities about the ways in which our lives are full or empty. We take for granted the convenience and immense comfort certain

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How To Change Naturally

making changes

Hint: If You're Not Ready, You Don't Have To

If you’re not ready to make that change you’ve been wanting to make, you don’t have to.  When you’re ready-enough, you’ll do it.  Here’s why – Sustainable change (i.e. change that actually lasts) always happens on an emotional level before it happens on a behavioral level.  That means that real change isn’t visible at first

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Just FYI: Nobody’s Home is Clean All the Time

dirty dishes

Yep, it’s true.  You’re not the only one. Everyone has that one counter in their home where random artifacts from the day unintentionally collect, or the one chair or sofa that clean clothes get piled upon.  What many people also have is the idea that ‘real grown ups’ keep perfectly tidy homes. They don’t.

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The One Thing No One Ever Says About Grieving


How to begin to grieve

Another way to say that you are grieving is that a part of you is stuck in a moment in time.  Sometimes the cause of the stuckness isn’t the grief itself, but the fact that you don’t even recognize that you’ve lost something and that you need to grieve. Grief is a word that is

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The 5 Stages of Change


Which one are you in?

Wait, just thinking about changing is a stage of change?  That’s how you start to change — by thinking about it without doing anything? YES. The idea that just thinking about what you want to change is an actual stage of change is so rational and obvious after the fact (of course you need to think about

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Millennial Women + Depression

millennial women

Why It's So Pervasive

Exploring the emotional grit woven through the lives of today’s twenty-something women is more than just a money tree for the lovely Lena Dunham, it’s an invaluable way for millennial women to stay healthy. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, women in their twenties are twice as likely to be clinically depressed than

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2 Toxic Thoughts You Accidentally Think Every Day


You might not think you have a morning ritual, but you do.  “I didn’t get enough sleep.”{&} “I don’t have enough time.”  According to Lynne Twist,  author of The Soul of Money, we unwittingly think those two scarcity-themed thoughts every single day, before we do or think about anything else: “Before we even sit up