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3 Mini-Acts of Self-Care You Can Do Right. Now.

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A manicure would be really great right now — a trip to the spa?  Even better. Want a thoughtfully prepared and healthy meal, or a ‘lose track of time’ walk in a city you love?  How about a long weekend getaway somewhere in nature, with 2 new books or a bunch of podcasts that have nothing to

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Tuning In: 3 Simple Ways Music Can Improve Your Mental Health

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Guest Post by Maya Benattar

As we move through our often busy lives, music is all around us. There is rhythm in a crowd crossing a busy street or a yoga class moving through a Sun Salutation, melody in the cacophony of taxi horns or a gentle bird song. We hear music in stores, in subways, and when on hold

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Get support when you need to talk

I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is no.  But I’ll get to that in a second, first I want to tell you a little story. Once upon a time in a far away land called the early 90’s, there was no internet and no Netflix, and when people felt like expletive they actually

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The 16 Best Drug Store Buys for Self-Care


Change your whole day for under 10 bucks

Self-care isn’t as easy as it seems.  If you’re someone who spends all day fielding demands from every direction, it can be hard to redirect some of your precious time and energy exclusively to yourself. Adding to the difficulty of finding time to engage in self-care is finding the motivation. We woefully underestimate the difference that

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Are You Burning Out?

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How to restore

How do you know if you’re just “tired a lot” or if you’re truly burning out and exhausted?  What’s more, how do you know what to do about either? Being tired means that your physical energy is drained.  If you prioritize your sleep every day for a week straight,  you’ll quickly feel energized and excited